Built with Purpose

ST Residential™ is a highly experienced special servicer and manager of both loans and owned properties.  More than the nation’s leading owner and operator of luxury condominiums, ST Residential currently owns and manages some of the highest quality apartment projects in the U.S., as well as hotel, office and retail spaces. With offices in Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and Atlanta, our core group of established leaders has a wealth of experience across all aspects of real estate development and ownership, as well as extensive expertise in loan workouts and administration.

At ST’s inception in 2009, our initial portfolio consisted of 101 assets, including both owned assets and loans, many of which were non-performing. Since that time, our experienced asset management group has modified over 30 loans with unpaid principal balance of greater than $1.5B. We have also transitioned 27 loans to owned or controlled assets, by utilizing a wide range of creative and strategies. In addition to those accomplishments, ST has managed almost half of $1B of construction spending.

After taking ownership of a project, ST utilizes an in-house design and construction team to initiate and/or complete construction with all enhancements to maximize returns for investors.  All design and enhancement work is overseen by our lead designer, who is personally responsible for the clean, modern aesthetic of one of the most popular and successful hotel brands in the world. 

Our in-house marketing team is responsible for planning targeted strategies in consultation with regional directors and local partners. Having relaunched over 30 condominium buildings and 14 multifamily projects in just the last three years, our group is well-versed in marketing to a wide variety of potential residents and investors. Furthermore, our perpetual review and monitoring process allows us to test our marketing performance and quickly adjust our strategies to ensure success.

ST has developed a successful global outreach program with relationships throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia. This powerful network amplifies condominium sales to international buyers and has proven invaluable for sourcing new opportunities.

Furthermore, our experienced warranty/building facilities department, and its extensive process for maintaining our properties, ensures that our assets are protected and our homeowners are taken care of.

Thanks to our extensive capabilities and expansive network, our properties consistently outperform their competitive sets.